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  • What about the Cookies?
    Our custom sugar cookies come in a few very popular flavors! Lemon(with real lemon zest), traditional vanilla/almond, snickerdoodle, and chocolate! All cookies are made from scratch in a home-based kitchen, which is not nut free or gluten free. Custom cookies are a very labor intensive process. From designing, making dough, cutting, baking, mixing icing colors, decorating, and packaging. All cookies will come individually bagged and heat-sealed and will remain fresh for several weeks! The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Cakes is 11" in diameter and can be tailored to match your color scheme and personalized with 3-4 words or a center cookie!
  • Prices
    Standard cookies with a basic design are 3-4 inches and start at $50 per dozen. There is a two dozen minium per order. With more detail and elaborate designs, they go up from there. Please fill out the order form and we will be happy to quote you a price! Cookie cakes start at $25 and with including a cookie they are $30.
  • How do I Order?
    Please contact us with your ideas, pictures, an invitation, décor, and anything else you may have to give us for a quote and/or inspiration! We will get back in touch with your total. Paying your invoice is the only way to confirm your order! When inquiring about an order, please include how many you are wanting and the date. If you are unsure of exactly what you want, the details can be worked out closer to me making them. If you have questions about our availability please fill out an order inquiry form. We do need a minimum of two weeks notice for custom cookie orders. Orders requested after the two week notice time period will be charged an upcharge fee (if there is any availability). We usually booked up a couple weeks/months out. There are weeks we finish up early and have wiggle room. So it never hurts to message me to see if we can work your cookie order in. There are also weeks that we are overwhelmed and can not accommodate. Our cookies freeze very well! Often times people will freeze the cookies if we are unavailable for the exact date they'd like. ITS NEVER TO EARLY TO BOOK!! Its really the only way to guarantee you can get the date you need! ORDER HERE
  • FAQS
    We can not hold dates. When you inquire, we will respond by sending you an invoice for payment, discuss your order if there are any questions. You then have 48 hours to pay the invoice once its sent. This is the ONLY way to confirm a booking. If not paid within 48 hours or made arrangements your order will be canceled and we will go to the next in line. It is never to early to book!! All cookie orders will be picked up at Hawksbill Trading company in Luray during their regular business hours. There is a 2.5% service charge for all invoices and checks. We do often use almond flavoring. Our kitchen is NOT nut free or gluten free. How to freeze your cookies: You will very carefully place them in an airtight container or Ziploc freezer bag. Stack them on their sides. You will then take them out of the freezer the night before you'll be needing them. DO NOT OPEN the container or Ziploc bag until the cookies are completely thawed. This is the most important step, opening the container may cause condensation and will ruin the cookies. When you place an order you are adhering to these facts. Cancellation Policy Orders must be canceled at least three weeks before pick up/delivery date in order for the payment to be transferable to a future event. Cancellations within three weeks of due dates are non-refundable and non-transferable.
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